When your gown leaves our boutique!

When your gown leaves our boutique!

You'll look stunning as you go down the aisle on your wedding day. You've put your heart, work, and money into your wedding gown, and you want it to last a lifetime. Here's all you need to know about caring for your gown.


When your gown leaves our shop, TRANSPORT it in a vehicle with enough room in the back seat for you to lay down. When you go home, hang your gown as high as you can, possibly on a door frame. Keep your gown in the bag to keep dust away. ONLY STEAM YOUR GOWN IF IT REQUIRES IT AND THE FABRIC CAN WITHSTAND IT! BEFORE putting on your wedding gown, APPLY perfume and hair spray since the mist from these items might produce stains. Dress carefully to prevent staining your gown.

STEP INTO YOUR DRESS and have your bridesmaids help you with your shoes. USE A TOWEL TO COVER YOUR GOWN BEFORE APPLYING ANY TOUCH-UP PRODUCTS, LIKE HAIR SPRAY OR LIPSTICK. AT LEAST ONE DAY BEFORE YOUR WEDDING, POLISH YOUR NAILS. On a silk garment, wet nail paint can lose color, irreversibly ruining the fabric.

WATERMARKS: blot gently with a clean cloth and dry. When dry, press softly with a hand iron if feasible. To absorb oil from MAKEUP, LIPSTICK, or any other OILY SPILL, gently cover with CORNSTARCH or BABY POWDER. Do not massage the affected region! Allow 15 minutes for the extra powder to settle before carefully removing it from the cloth.

Hope this helps! Thank us later.

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