Wedding Day - Tips to walk down the aisle!

Wedding Day - Tips to walk down the aisle!

Whether you want foliage bouquets, gentle romantic candles, or flower petals, your wedding ceremony's entry down the aisle is one of the most memorable moments. As a result, you'll want to get it properly. To produce something remarkable, your style does not have to be excessive or outlandish.

Here's how you strut your stuff (without tripping!) on your approach to the altar to make it a walk to remember.


Keep your bouquet at a lower level than you may believe. Ask whoever is bringing you down the aisle to connect his arm around yours, because you'll already be in place with your bouquet. Maintain a straight back and avoid hunching over. Relax and unwind. Don't worry if your arms aren't perfectly stiff. (They aren't supposed to.) You will appear stiff if you are stiff.

Finally, remember to smile! Show off those pearly whites and send the message to your guests that there's nothing else in the world you would choose over this day (because isn't that true?).


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